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Age as of August 31, 2022

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413 Elite has a strict NO TOLERANCE behavior policy. Coaches are there to coach, players are there to play, the referees are there to ref, and everybody else is there to cheer on their team in a positive manner. We don't allow players to taunt the opposition or argue with calls. Nor do we allow parents to berate players, coaches or parents. Violation of our behavior policy may restrict in membership being revoked and no refund. Our family has read and accepts this and the club policies.


Basketball is a contact sport. While 413 Elite makes every effort to avoid injuries, they do happen in this sport. Knowing this, we (the player & parents) understand that an injury is a possibility. We agree as a collective family to waive 413 Elite, all their representatives, and all the facilities we use and their representatives from any legal action should any injury occur. The player also agrees not to behave in any reckless or careless manner that might cause greater risk to the player or the player's teammates.

The 413 Elite are seeking Professional, energetic, and motivated people seeking real professional experience while positioning themselves for a career in sports.

Our Internship program is designed to educate its participants in all aspects of operating a Professional Sports Operation. Through observation and practical experience, interns learn how to function in a professional environment that requires a high energy level, the utilization of time management, and the ability to perform under pressure. With this knowledge and experience, the 413 Elite strives to successfully prepare their interns to compete at a high level for positions in the professional sports industry.