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The 413 Elite is a proud member of the American Basketball Association (ABA).  A professional basketball team based in Springfield, Massachusetts. The city holds the title for being the Birthplace of Basketball, and home to the Basketball Hall of Fame.


Established in 2021, the 413 Elite is apart of the Northeast Division in the ABA. The Northeast Division consists of teams from Boston, Providence, New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and Canada.


The goal of the 413 Elite is to provide quality, entertaining, and affordable professional basketball in a friendly safe environment. We want to electrify Springfield and bring back the spirit of basketball life from the neighborhoods.

413 Elite PLAYERS


44Kevin McLaughlin413 EliteCenter
45Sergiy Vasylenko413 EliteCenter


2Reilly Miller413 EliteForward
6Alex Lovejoy413 EliteForward
10Stephen Bolden413 EliteForward
11Kamari Robinson-Forward
20Marvin Leveille-Forward
21Kenneth Bradshaw413 EliteForward
22Kishawn Dort413 EliteForward


0Chris Prophet413 EliteGuard
1Jason Hernandez413 EliteGuard
3Darrick Boyd413 EliteGuard
5Jauch Green Jr413 EliteGuard
8Jovan Ruiz413 EliteGuard
12Jerry Buchanan413 EliteGuard
23Devine Coleman413 EliteGuard

Elite team

413 Elite

Chris Prophet413 EliteGuard
Darrick Boyd413 EliteGuard
Kenneth Bradshaw413 EliteForward

413 Elite STAFF

SirCharles EvansOwner
Deon SmithTeam Massage Therapist
Leon SimmonsCoach
Dion BarronStrength & Conditioning Coach
Charles HollinsDirector Of Operations