On January 27, 2024, the 413 Elite went head-to-head with the N.H. Kingz in Springfield, MA for their second game in their second season as members of the American Basketball Association. 

The N.H. Kingz, who the 413 Elite played and bested twice in their inaugural season in the 2022-2023 season, were worthy competitors, and trailed behind the Elite for the first half of the game. With the fourth quarter being a battle between the two, the refs would dictate the flow of this game allowing the Kingz to shoot 16 free throws in the quarter, calling multiple technical fouls and fouls on the Elite. The Kingz finished the game with 123 points and the Elite came in at 103 points. 

The Player of the Game, sponsored by Springfield Stretching and Massage Therapy, was #12, Jerry “J-Buckets” Buchanon, who scored 29 points, stole the ball five times, snagged four rebounds, and participated in four assists.  

413 Elite had a total of five players in double figures for the game. Kamari Robinson finished with a Double Double with 14 points and 14 rebounds, followed by Earl Hall, who scored 14 points and  8 rebounds, followed by Charles Jackson, who scored 12 points, followed by Robbie Jones, who scored 10 points and 8 assists to finish the game.

After this loss the 413 Elite moves on, and look to get back to their winning ways with the upcoming Double Header Home and Away next weekend against the Bennington Martens at the Springfield Boys & Girls Club on Carew Street in Springfield, Massachusetts on February 3rd and In Pittsfield MA on Feb 4th.