In the much anticipated second double header of the month for the 413 Elite’ these games did not disappoint, and the Elite took both wins with a final score of 116 to 107, and the second game 127 to 123 versus the Bennington Martens. The first game, held at the Boys and girls club of Springfield on February 3rd, 2024 allowed fans to celebrate the team, spread Cancer Awareness, and celebrated those who won their battle with special activities and giveaways. The second game was held in Pittsfield, and was a Makeup game from the postponed game due to weather in January. This was an Away game for the Elite on February 4th.

In the first match, the 413 Elite controlled the game for the whole four quarters of play. The second game the Elite led all four quarters as well, then the martens made a run late in the forth quarter to shorten the lead, however the 413 Elite edged above their competitors in the fourth quarter to secure the victory.

The Springfield Stretching and Massage Therapy sponsored Players of these Game was Windsor Connecticut native, Jerry “J-BUCKETS” Buchanon, scoring 34 points, snatched 7 steals, hit the boards with 6 rebounds and worked the court with 6 assists in the first game. The second game he would go on to score 29 points, snatched 8 steals, hit the boards with 4 rebounds and worked the court with 5 assists.

413 Elite had five scorers in double figures for the first game. Mikey Pettway, who scored 18 points, followed by Chandler Jones, who scored 14 points, followed by Kevin McLaughlin’s big time Double Double, scoring 12 points and pulled down 14 rebounds with 3 block shots, followed by Reilly Miller with another Double Double scoring 10 points and pulled down 10 rebounds in the first matchup against the Martens.

413 Elite had five scorers in double figures, and three with Double Doubles for the second game. Mikey Pettway who scored 28 points, and worked the court with 10 assists, followed by Kamari Robinson, who scored 25 points, and pulled down 10 rebounds, followed by Charles Evans, who scored 17 and pulled down 10 rebounds with 3 monster block shots, followed by Earl Hall’s 8 points, 12 rebounds in the second match.

With these wins the 413 Elite improve to 12 wins and 3 losses on the season making it the teams best record in franchise history. The 413 Elite is now ranked #14 in the country out of 120+ teams on the season.