413 Elite joined Vox Church group to kick off their free Youth-Adult 3v3 basketball tournament at the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield. During the tournament, which was geared towards boys and girls of all skill levels the young players had an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of basketball. The players were also able to learn the principles of teamwork and individual responsibility.

Following learning the fundamentals of basketball and hearing from guest speakers, The players were able to compete for Trophies, Medals, Gift Cards, T-shirts and more.  The mission of 413 Elite was to partner with Vox Church and show support while offering professional experience to the players while giving back to the community it serves.

“Tournaments like this are one more sign that we’re getting back to doing all the things we love. I know we are all ready to get back to in-person activities, and none of us more than our city’s youth,” said Owner Charles Evans. “That’s why we’re excited that Vox Church allowed us to partner with their outreach team.”

“We are excited to see players from different age groups (middle school to adult) participate in the Vox tournament, we hope to reach even more next year.” Stated Director of Business Operations LaMar Cook.

“Overall great event for the the community of Springfield. Thank you to Vox church for allowing us to be apart. Looking forward to working with Vox church and other community organizations in the future.” Stated Team Owner Charles Evans.