413 Elite Heads to South Hadley for a Professional Basketball Game

By Colleen Large

In an effort to continue to Elevate Life In The East in the entire 413 area code, 413 Elite owner, Charles Evans, met with South Hadley leadership on Thursday, October 26, 2023. Evans and 413 Elite player, Earl Hall, met with Interim Superintendent of South Hadley Public Schools, Mark McLaughlin; Assistant Superintendent, Jennifer Voyik; Town Administrator, Lisa Wong; Assistant Town Administrator, Chuck Murphy Romboletti; and Recreation Director, Andy Rogers.

The group spoke about potential partnerships moving forward and have begun to collaborate on how to spread the influence of 413 Elite to South Hadley. 

With the efforts made the Team will host a Professional basketball game at the South Hadley High school, this weekend on Dec 16, 2023.

For ticket and Game time information click the link. Below.