HOLYOKE, MA. -In anticipation of the 413 Elite’s inaugural season, the scheduled Purple Knights Night will take place in Holyoke on November 19, 2022, Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia recently welcomed 413 Elite owner Charles Evans and Lamar Cook at Holyoke City Hall. Evans, a Springfield native and Holyoke Community College (HCC) alumni, shared his experience with Mayor Garcia.

Evans shared his experience and ties to Holyoke that included playing both basketball and volleyball in high school which lead to the start of his college career at HCC. From there, Evans went on to a HBCU college in Jacksonville, FL and later played overseas in Italy, Switzerland and Tahiti. “When we say elevating life in the east, that includes everybody in the 413, not just Springfield”, stated Evans.

Holyoke, known as the birthplace of volleyball, also has strong basketball roots. The 413 Elite will host a “Purple Knights Night” at Holyoke High School to honor the school’s alumni and basketball community. “I’m looking forward to Purple Knights Night in November”, stated Mayor Garcia.

To find out more information on the organization and the full schedule you can visit www.413Elite.com.